About The CEO.

Before I became a entrepreneur I worked as a beauty concierge for 4 years, during this time I received a multitude of knowledge, gratis & experience. Skin care, hair care and most importantly cosmetics/ makeup is what I studied and mastered with training, product and helping women from all ethnic backgrounds with their beauty wants and needs. It was here that I found my love for lashes . I feel it’s important to uplift all women and encourage them daily to love their natural self as well as their full face glam self, they both matter :). B lavish lashes enhances the beauty you already have queen! Live in truth, lash lavishly and remember ALL THINGS are possible with GOD in your heart.  Your limits are limitless when you have faith and determination.

Why did I create B Lavish Lashes 

As a former beauty concierge on the sales floor I would always receive many compliments on my lashes number one, and my makeup number 2. So that made me want to show women how to achieve the looks I made.  I picked the name B Lavish Lashes because I feel that at all times your should “lash lavishly”, which means your eyelashes must be lavish, beautiful and make you feel beautiful and sexy while on your eyes, if you don’t feel this! Your wearing the wrong lashes ladies. Beauty industry is like its own world both glamorous and mesmerizing. Beauty makes us feel good, and when we look our best we usually feel our best. My goal is for B Lavish Lashes is to provide beautiful silk lashes to make women feel confident and provide them with glowing whether they choose to use them alone or with makeup. All lashes offered are 100 % silk lashes which is much more light weight than mink.